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The Point of Chauveau

La Pointe de Chauveau stretches from the House of the "Défend" up to the point with its lighthouse.

The House of the Défend


In 1190, before leaving for the third crusade, Raoul III de Mauleon yielded the field of Déffensum Saboncelo, today's   Sablanceaux, to the Abbey of Châteliers. The bequest included the land and timber. Jehan Conan, Mayor of La Rochelle in 1516 is the first known owner of the House of the Défend. Mathurin Villechatre of Conan Esquire, built the first house  in the late sixteenth century and his son, Etienne Buffechou,  completed the construction.defend


From writings of 1735 we know that the House of the Défend was a semi-rural abode owned by a noble, with a loft and a cellar to the right of the entrance. Modernization of the ground floor appears to have occurred before 1782. The large room next to the kitchen was transformed into a lounge and dining room. Known owners of the Défend have been, among others, Gideon Duboys,  Levraud Villery and his descendants from 1618 to 1709, André Baillarger and his heirs from 1709 to 1744 and the Lecercle family from 1745 to 1851.




The Défend today...

In the early twentieth century the spelling of the word Défend changed according to the owners. First it was the Déffens, then the Deffends, becoming Défend today.