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The Village Pump

la fontaine de rivedoux

In the late 1930s a well, equipped with a small hand pump, was the only water supply in the village.

The street to the pump was a dirt road that carried carts laden with tanks  to fill with water when it was time to train the vines. A place of public encounters and meetings, the well must have heard many discreet conversations and love stories!

The war years transformed Rivedoux-Plage and the village became a camp for refugees from the North..

la fontaine de rivedoux de nos jours


At the end of the dark war years the group of northerners returned home. The Jeumont-Schneider company installed an electric motor to thank the people for their hospitality. Farewell to the hand pump! Water carts become more and more numerous... 


Around 1950, the street was finally paved and the well disappeared beneath the tarmac. Drinking water was provided directly to homes.



2008: While renovating the road surface, a stray shovel struck the well-head bringing it back to the daylight!


2009: The village pump comes back into service!