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Tide Mills

moulin a marée

On the Ile de Ré, water mills used to have two purposes - grinding corn, of course, but also producing sluices of water to service and maintain the feed channels of the salt marshes.Le moulin à marée de Rivedoux-Plage


The mill of Rivedoux-Plage was only used for milling. The flour was transported by a barge called the "Armand", which plied the route from Rivedoux to Marans. It met a tragic end when it sank in the port of Marans.


Over the years, the two tide mills at Rivedoux and Loix were renovated and expanded. They are both rectangular. The Loix mill had only one ground floor, while that of Rivedoux-Plage had two sqaure floors. Originally, the mill itself consisted of a large room at the end of which the wheel was driven by the ebb and flow of water that flowed through the building there. The mill was built by Mr. BOULINEAU in 1845. It has since been transformed, first into a hotel and more recetly into flats.


moulin à marée


 At low tide on the beach down at the foot of the old mill you can still see the stone arch through which the tide passed to feed energy to the mill.