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The Port

The port and oyster-producing bay

vue aerienne port rivedoux

The small fishing port Rivedoux-Plage is situated at the end of the east coast of the Ile de Ré, bordered by the Pertuis Breton sea-approach. The port faces the mainland coast of the Bay of Aiguillon. Although it has a rather low capacity today, the port is being extended in the coming years. Close to shops and the market, it is protected by a recently renovated jetty, equipped with fresh water and electricity. Visitors can fish or take a swim in compliance regulations posted on site.


le port de rivedouxVisitors are welcome, two berths are reserved for boats just dropping in. Upon arrival, you should contact the Town Hall, located just up from the beach, for berthing instructions.


Four pontoons will soon be able to receive an additional twenty boats. Unauthorised mooring is prohibited on both the north and south coasts and there are penalties for violations!


port de rivedouxTo the south of the port, at low tide you can see  oyster farming beds. Rivedoux-Plage is something of a Mecca for oyster farming. Our town is at the centre of the modern oyster production industry on the Ile de Ré, started by Hyacinthe Boeuf during the 19th century..


As the tide goes out you can follow the progress of the oyster farmers across the wide sand flats where the young oysters grow.