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The Manor

The Bruneau family of Rivedoux (1480-1684)

manoir d'hastrelJean I Bruneau, founder of the manor  and Lord of Rivedoux.
In 1480 he bought part of the forest overlooking the bay of Rivedoux and was granted a nobility which allowed him to build a mansion with a keep,   a tower, a chapel and a windmill. He died in 1562 leaving the manor house to his only son Jean-Pierre.


Jean-Pierre Bruneau, founder of the first port.
The success of his father meant that the mansion required access to the sea
Jean-Pierre Bruneau had the idea to build a small port in front of his house, which  communicates with the sea by a channel
at low tide .


Jean II Bruneau, founder of the village.
Many people who living on the nearby the continent wanted to "colonise" Rivedoux. Jean II, who was intelligent and had good business sense , gave them facilities for acquiring land around his mansion. To make life easier, he built a mill and an oven to bake bread, provided that users should bring their own wood for cooking. In 1595, John II bought the whole  Sablanceaux peninsula.manoir d'hastrel


Jean-Charles Bruneau.
Jean-Charles was an officer in the Toiras army and distinguished himself at the Battle of Sablanceaux. He was awarded the Order of St. Louis. In 1645, he retired to Sainte Marie, having sold his mansion to his half-brother, Jean III.


Jean III Bruneau.
Jean III became owner of the manor in 1645 and was awarded the Order of St. Michael and the Holy Spirit.

Today, only the tower of the manor remains. It which can be admired from rue Albert Sarrault but unfortunately can't be visited as it is private property.