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A genuine policy for alternative community transport

The opening of the bridge to the island in 1988 was not followed up with development of means of transport adapted to the new situation.

The predictabkle increase in traffic has not led to a rethinking of means based on changes in population and needs.

Transport is under the responsibility of the General Council. There is much room for improvement as it is often unsuitable for permanent residents and especially for high school students and workers from the continent or vice versa who come to work on the island. It is the same for access to infrastructure such as La Rochelle train station, hospital local government offices etc.

It is therefore necessary to put forward ideas and to act quickly to make public transit convenient, frequent, inexpensive and accessible to both the island and with La Rochelle and discourage visitors, especially those of a day, in general, from the nearby town La Rochelle, cross the bridge by car.

We must limit the passages in the car on the bridge in both directions to help maintain a sustainable way of life in a protected environment.

The Ile de Ré is a remarkable but fragile Community of Municipalities which has decided to initiate a trial of multimodal transports as bold, original and environmentally friendly substitutes for the car use.

These experiments are chosen by a steering committee which decides on their installation, improvement and evaluation. The Steering Committee combines the General Council of Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes Regional Council and the Urban Community of La Rochelle, chaired by Patrice Raffarin, Vice-President of the Community of Municipalities of the Ile de Re.

A real policy and alternative transport, will eable all to move about between the municipalities, on the Ile de Re but also to the continent. This policy has a cost and could be supported by removing the ceiling on the environmental tax.

Shuttles for employees

This autumn shuttles will be implemented between Belvédère and Saint Martin de Ré. These Shuttles will be reserved initially, for employees of the Saint Martin de Ré area and will run direct without stops.

This experiment will directly influence the outcome of proposals of the council on several objectives:

-An social and economic objective: land tenure  being rare and expensive, increasing numbers of employees including newcomers cannot live on the island Ile and leave for the continent. Maintaining and developing economic activity requires incoming employees work days to become longer and travel more expensive.

-A environmental objective: trips made in private cars constitute significant environmental degradation .

This project ferrying employees to Saint Martin de Ré, will decrease car use and initiate Ecomobility.

Carpooling: the economical and ecological solution

Log onto our website and let us guide you ... Announcements are posted by drivers who seek a passenger or vice versa. You exchange your contact information, desired conditions of travel, means of cost sharing, etc..

Carpooling has several advantages:

1. Economy:

It allows you to share fuel costs and the costs of wear of the vehicle. You can also have a division of tolls and parking fees (parking, parking meter).

2. Ecology:

Carpooling has the effect of reducing the number of vehicles on the road as fewer people take their cars alone. Carpooling has a double effect: the first effect is on the air pollution and also affect the number of vehicles on the roads especially at peak times.

3. Meeting people:

Carpooling is also an opportunity to meet people with whom one may have a lot in common.  CarPool with co-workers, friends, people from the same city, the same region, or simply share the same desire not to make a long trip alone!

Why not try it!