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History of the Port




ancien portUnder the leadership of Jean-Pierre Arnaud-Bruneau, Lord of Rivedoux, authorisation for construction of the port was obtained in 1562 from La Rochelle.
The following year, a stone pier was built along the embankment bordering the residential area, where  the port now lies. The cost of the work amounted to 25,982 francs at the time. In 1845 a breakwater was added to protect boats from westerly winds and the atlantic swell.


ancien port


In the late 19th century and and for several decades more, the proximity of Rivedoux to the mainland made it the principal mooring for boats plying the strait between the Ile de Ré and the continent. Local commerce developed as a result, mail was sent more regularly and islanders could travel to the continent more easily.


A wooden pier with a length of 159 meters was built between  1879 and 1881 at Sablanceaux. Costing  25,000 francs at the time, it was constructed especially for  the mail boat.


The port of Rivedoux is the oldest and busiest of the currently active ports on the Ile de Ré.